We Need Your Vote to Win $25,000 for a Community Garden

We need YOUR VOTES to help us win a $25,000 grant for our Fulfill Community Garden Program – we are one of 200 finalists in the State Farm Neighborhood Assist Competition, which starts August 16 and runs through August 25.

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This funding will allow Fulfill to implement a community garden program that will:

• Maximize the production of our on-site organic food garden to provide thousands of pounds of fresh produce to families in need through our area’s 300 feeding programs
• Implement a network of local community gardens who can work together to grow and donate healthy, fresh fruit and vegetables to individuals in Monmouth and Ocean Counties
• Create a garden education curriculum for children and adults that would address gardening for food, better nutrition through non-processed ingredients, and cooking with fresh produce

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Fresh fruit, vegetables, and herbs can help Fulfill meet the immediate needs of families who are hungry, but it can also provide a lasting impact by improving the overall health of the community. People with limited incomes often have to stretch their budgets to buy food. They report buying inexpensive items that are lower in nutritional quality because they can buy them in large quantities.

Inexpensive food can fill the shelves, but it can also lead to higher incidence of chronic disease, and its related costs (medication, absenteeism, and poor quality of life). Fulfill is hoping to change this by increasing access to produce that has antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals often lacking in the diets of the people we serve. We can also educate the public on how community and home gardens can form a network of produce donors. While a small garden may not be able to donate 50,000 pounds of produce; 25 community gardens can donate 2,000 pounds each, benefiting an entire community.

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