Bride and Groom Volunteer at Fulfill On Their Wedding Day

On their wedding day, Stephen Horney and Kathryn DaSalla weren’t engulfed in typical wedding day chaos; instead, they chose something more rewarding… volunteering at their local food bank. “We’ve always tried to be active in our communities,” said the newlyweds. Along with their entire wedding party, Stephen and Kathryn spent their day volunteering at Fulfill in Neptune, New Jersey. “Volunteering at Fulfill was such a wonderful way to start our day! For two hours, we weren’t worrying about the to-do lists. We left feeling great and accomplished,” said Stephen.  

“One of Kathryn’s matrons, Katie, had inspired us to do a volunteering project as part of our special day,” said Steve. “Katie and her husband, Anthony, both at Fulfill with us on September 20th, had a volunteering project set up in NYC the morning of their wedding.” Following in the footsteps of their friends, Steve and Kathryn have redefined the ordinary wedding day to-do-list! 

Many couples of today’s generation intend for their weddings to be about giving back. This trend of turning a special day into something even more positive has begun to grow in popularity. Instead of being consumed in all of the last-minute plans, volunteering gives newlyweds, and their guests, a chance to break away from this stress.

“In the craziness of wedding planning, and it got crazy at some points, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in yourself, and lost in those tiny details that won’t really make a positive impact on the world. We wanted to make sure that we took some time out of our special day to give back somehow… to think about someone else for a moment,” Steve explained.