Fulfill’s People’s Pantry

peoples pantry

Fulfill, formerly The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, is excited to announce it will be managing The People’s Pantry at the B.E.A.T. Center in Toms River, which is adjacent to Fulfill offices and Fulfill’s Culinary Training Program, effective today, March 5, 2020.

The People’s Pantry will now be operating under Fulfill’s 501(c)3 for the purposes of federal and state food distribution guidelines.

The People’s Pantry is also announcing the retirement of Patricia Donaghue as Executive Director as she will be pursuing other interests. “Patricia was there for the people of Ocean County after Superstorm Sandy and has been there ever since. Families appreciate her hard work and selfless dedication to help feed them in their time of need. Patricia literally helped redefine the face of hunger,” said Peter Van Dyke, Board Chair of The People’s Pantry.

“It has been an honor to serve thousands of families at the Jersey Shore by supplying them meals and connecting them with the social services they needed. Educating our neighbors about the difference between poverty and food security was my priority,” said Patricia Donaghue. “It’s bittersweet to leave The People’s Pantry that I started after Sandy, but I know it’s in the best of hands with Eileen Davis Kovar continuing on as manager with Fulfill. It’s also comforting to know that The People’s Pantry will now have a seat on Fulfill’s Board of Directors.”

“The People’s Pantry has a critical role in feeding our neighbors in Ocean County and accomplishing the goal of the B.E.A.T Center which is ‘Bringing Everyone All Together’ and working as a hub for community services that end the cycle of food insecurity,” said Jeremy Grunin, Board Chair of Fulfill.

About The People’s Pantry

The People’s Pantry is a choice model food pantry that originated in the immediate aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. This severe storm unearthed Ocean County’s previously hidden struggle with food insecurity. Food insecurity, or lack of a consistent and stable source of food, affects one in ten residents of our county…but you probably wouldn’t be able to tell.  They’re the single parents of four who can’t afford to feed their children on a single income. They’re your coworkers who are forced to live paycheck to paycheck. They’re even your friends and family who are struggling in silence because they don’t qualify for government assistance. One of our main goals is to break the stigma surrounding food insecurity and educate others about the true prevalence of the problem.