Children from Monmouth Beach Raise More Than $18,000 for Fulfill with “Kids Quench Hunger” Lemonade Stand

September 1, 2022, Monmouth Beach, NJ – Ten children from Monmouth Beach have collectively raised more than $18,000 for Fulfill with the lemonade stand they started five years ago.

“When we talk about hunger, the problem can seem immense. But one glass of lemonade at a time, these 10 children set a powerful example for everyone on how to mobilize their communities and play a part in the solution,” said Fulfill CEO and President Triada Stampas. “We hope they inspire others to help us help our neighbors.”

Addie and Marnie Marowitz, Morgan Vecchio, Anna Zimmerman, Chase Smith, Jake Dolan, Spencer Weinstein, Eliana Lehman, Alice Sorochan, and Avery Matranga, are starting 6th grade.

“Well, I get three meals every day. Not everyone gets that, and I can’t imagine what it would be like to not have food. Everybody should donate,” said 11-year-old Addie. Her twin sister, Marnie, agreed, “Everyone has things, and we want to give to people who don’t.”

Their mom Ellen said, “We wanted the children to learn about running a business. The marketing and social media took off with the families involved. We added Venmo, and a family in California saw our post and donated money. We were so excited to get a donation from the West Coast. The children learned that a small gesture could have a big impact – bigger than them. We want to make it a tradition by ‘passing on the passion’ to the next group of children.” Ellen added that the current group of children is hoping to do that in two years when they finish elementary school.

The children named their lemonade stand, “Kids Quench Hunger.” Every Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, they set up a table, banner, checkered tablecloth, cups, and, of course, their perfect blend of lemons, sugar, and water, in front of the Monmouth Beach Fire Department during the Farmer’s Market.

“This means a lot to the kids. It’s important that they understand the ‘sense of community’ as they grow up. I’m very proud of my daughter and all the children doing this each summer,” said Alison Zimmerman.

Morgan Vecchio, one of the students, told us, “I love to help others. It’s important to share, love, and have compassion. I want to help more people in the future.”

While working the lemonade stand, Chase Smith, said,It’s important for people to be kind, stay safe, and eat healthy.”

Nathan Stimpson, who has also been helping at the stand, agreed, “Kids need three meals a day to grow. We get to eat, they should, too.” Other students who have participated include Kiara Crowe, Emilia Feddeler, Emerson Litsky, Noel Riccio, Karina Summer, Alexa Ciani, and Julia Vencel.

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