Fulfill Provides Emergency Meals for Neptune Seniors Power Outages

A true example of a community has come to fruition after power outages continue to impact areas of Monmouth County.

Fulfill provided 850 emergency disaster relief meals to Neptune Township seniors still left without power after Monday’s powerful storm.  Fulfill, The Salvation Army Disaster Relief of New Jersey, the Neptune Senior Citizen Center and Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management (MCOEM)  work together to make sure the needs of our community were met.

On Wednesday morning, Fulfill Chefs and students of the Culinary Arts Training Program worked to cook and prepare the emergency disaster relief meals to residents who were still without power after widespread outages affected the Monmouth County area. The hot dinners were delivered and distributed by The Salvation Army Disaster Relief and Neptune Senior Center volunteers to local residents without power. Neptune Mayor, Carol Rizzo, assisted with the food distribution.

“In situations like this – an unforeseeable crisis – Fulfill is here to assist our community. We will not let our

local neighbors affected by this storm be without food,” said Fulfill President and CEO, former Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

While crews have made significant progress in restoring services, more than 360,000 homes and business initially lost power after the storm. The majority of the remaining outages are in Monmouth County. For local residents, the emergency meals prepared by Fulfill could not have come at a better time.

“The Salvation Army was called to serve and together with our partner, Fulfill we were able to meet the needs of our seniors with 1700 hot meals for dinner,” said Emergency Disaster Services Director Michael Clayton

Monday’s wild weather also brought back painful memories of Super Storm Sandy for the thousands of New Jersey residents left without power. Some residents could be without power into the weekend.

“When I was Lieutenant Governor during Super Storm Sandy, I saw the devastation first-hand. While the impact is not as severe as Sandy, the need is still there. The community has to come together again, as we did then. Fulfill and The Salvation Army worked hard today to make sure local neighbors did not go hungry,” said Guadagno.

Fulfill, a 501( c) non-profit organization, is fully equipped to handle future crisis situations and fill the meal gap after natural disasters like Super Storm Sandy and Monday’s fierce storm.

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