Fulfill Provides Summer Meals for Children When School is Out

This June, Fulfill will be participating in the 2018 Summer Food Service Program, which provides free breakfasts and lunches to low-income children attending summer recreational programs.

The twenty one programs sponsored by Fulfill are located within Monmouth and Ocean Counties in places where children ages eighteen and younger can receive a meal in a safe, organized environment. Participating sites can include summer camp programs at schools, churches and community centers where children are enrolled. In addition, there are also open sites where any child can go to receive a meal, regardless of enrollment.

Free breakfasts and lunches are distributed to the sites every day, where the participating children will receive meals. Last summer, there were 59,000 meals distributed to well-deserving kids.

Wendi Silver, Fulfill’s Network Engagement Team Manager notes, “It’s such an important program because it really helps fill the gap between the school year and when children are used to getting their meals during the day.”

This summer, Fulfill prepares to help provide meals to over one thousand children in our community. These programs are critical for many of these kids, as they would otherwise be struggling with hunger throughout the summer months.