What’s all the buzz about soil health?

Soil is, well, as old as dirt, right?  So why all of a sudden is it in the spotlight when it comes to growing healthy food and beautiful landscapes?

Experts are better understanding the relationship between the biology and nutrients present in soil with the health of plants and ultimately, the health of our bodies. One of the best ways to improve soil health is to add compost, as it provides necessary biology, nutrients, and organic matter.

All week, we’ve been celebrating International Compost Awareness Week!  Yep—it is a thing – and it benefits both your vegetable garden AND Fulfill!  But first, here is the dirt on compost…

The image to the left shows soil rich in organic matter, nutrients and biology, and its relationship to plants.  Soil biology decomposes (eats) organic matter, then digests the nutrients and converts them into a form that plants can uptake to fortify their fruits and vegetables.  Humans benefit greatly when they eat these vitamin, mineral and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

For example, the image shows that a tomato plant utilizes potassium to increase water-use efficiency, disease resistance, fruit formation, seed quality, and to assist with photosynthesis.  When a human eats the tomato, the potassium assists with muscle and nerve activity as well as proper fluid balance in the body.  Without biology, a tomato looks like a tomato in appearance only.  It does not provide the sustenance necessary for healthy humans.

So now that you know the benefits of soil that’s rich in organic matter, biology and nutrients, here’s how you can improve your soil with compost (and help Fulfill, too!)

International Compost Awareness Week is May 4-12, 2019, and if you visit Molzon’s Landscape Nursery for your compost needs, Molzon’s will donate to $3/yd purchased to Fulfill, and Laurel Valley Soils will match it for a total of $6/yard donated!  That is definitely a win-win!

– written by Suzanne Longacre of Laurel Valley Soils