Meet Elga, a FoodBank Volunteer

IMG_1482 - Copy (2)I’ve been coming to the FoodBank since 2013. I have worked the sort room, mobile pantry, and I’ve jumped in where I can help with spreadsheets, data entry, and Thanksgiving meal packaging. I had watched a documentary on hunger issues within the US, particularly children, and I wanted to help. In the past, I made only monetary donations but I felt it was time to take a more active role. I have seen the faces and felt the gratitude of people that we have helped. That is such a great sense of satisfaction that I felt I’ve benefited more than the food recipients. More people should just ask how can I help? There are so many areas to volunteer time that can fit many different talents and schedules. The problem of hunger is bigger than all of us and it’s not going away so every little bit helps. A few hours a week can make a difference and help a parent feed a child. I’m not the kind of person who gets up on a soapbox and talks; I’m more of a “get the work done” sort. However, I’ve seen people with all different personalities get together, work well together, and go home with a smile on their faces. That’s why I volunteer.