RCT Puts 900,000+ Meals on Neighbors’ Tables

Fulfill’s Resource Connections Team (RCT) is out daily in the local community, assisting residents in Monmouth and Ocean Counties in signing up for SNAP benefits (also known as food stamps), affordable healthcare, housing and utility assistance programs, and other much-needed services. Starting in March, SNAP emergency allotments that began during the COVID-19 pandemic were discontinued, resulting in an average benefit reduction of almost $190 each month. It is estimated that more than 85,000  residents in Monmouth and Ocean Counties who rely on this program will be impacted! Our Resource Connections Team is working with many families to maximize the amount of benefits they can receive with these new limits.

Meet Victor, Sonia, Kelley, Millie, Maria, and Jeanette, who are part of our Resource Connections Team!

Victor Peralta oversees the Resource Connections Team. He brings 20 years of experience in community outreach and engagement. His responsibilities include overseeing program implementations, deliverables, outcomes, and reporting. Victor is happy to be a part of the mission-driven team at Fulfill and to be making a difference in our community.


Sonia Gonzalez is the Resource Connections Team’s most senior member. She mainly assists residents in need with SNAP applications, affordable healthcare, and Medicaid applications. While loving everything about her job, she also likes cooking, traveling, and going to the beach.


Kelley Williams-Womble
has an MHS degree and has worked in the Human Services field for 37 years in various capacities. In addition to being a Resource Specialist, she enjoys being around family and friends, traveling, Broadway shows, and interior decorating. Kelley is also a pastor in her local community.


Militza “Millie” Echevarria
assists individuals being released from correctional facilities or in transitional phases of achieving sobriety. She works with partners to provide numerous mental health and recovery support services. When Millie is not hiking and riding her bike, she is working to obtain her MPH, focusing on mental health and addiction.


Maria Figueroa-Gutierrez has previous experience as a Financial Counselor for 25 years, working with federally qualified health centers and hospitals. She is certified to assist with SNAP, NJ Family Care, and Emergency Medicaid applications. In her spare time, Maria enjoys painting, photography, and catering events for friends and family members.


Jeanette Cruz has over 10 years of experience as an Eligibility Specialist for the New York City Human Resources Administration within the federally funded SNAP program, making her the perfect fit for our team. Jeannette likes to craft, sketch, and hang out with her three boys when she is not working.


For questions about SNAP assistance, please email RCT at