The Power of Partners

This is the perfect time of year to stop, recognize and give thanks to the people and organizations who make our communities better places to live and raise our families.

In my first year leading Fulfill, I have been overwhelmed by the efforts of our employees, donors, volunteers and partners. Today, though, I want to say more — a lot more — about our partners.

Partners and partnerships make us all better. They bring attributes and experiences that complement ours. Together, we grow stronger and smarter as we make our part of the world a better place. Ending hunger is an all-in mission, and at Fulfill, our partners are at the heart of all we do.

We could not fulfill our mission at the Jersey Shore without our partners’ contributions, large and small, that allow us to leverage our resources and experience to continue serving Monmouth and Ocean Counties as we have for 38 years.

Because of our partners, Fulfill can stretch $1 into three meals that feed our hungry neighbors. That’s especially important as we’re facing a 60% increase in demand – just since the beginning of 2022. We now serve enough food for 1 million meals each month. Together, we fight food insecurity — a formidable undertaking under the best of circumstances, but one we are committed to solving. And, in an industry like ours, there is no time or need to compete, so we partner with fellow food banks in New Jersey, too.  We like to say, “We’re better together.”

Fulfill has way too many partners to attempt to name — a good problem to have — but every one of our partners means the world to us. Most importantly, we have a strong network of 300 feeding partners that ensure we are reaching thousands of our neighbors every week.

Thank you. Thank you to our corporate sponsors and the retail stores that donate food throughout the year – and thousands of turkeys at the holidays. Thank you to the media outlets that raise awareness, educate the community, and hold food and fund drives for us. Thank you to the members of the Jersey Shore music community who lend their names and song lyrics to our fundraising efforts. And a special thank you to our hundreds of volunteers who give us their precious time throughout the year. 

Fulfill could not serve Monmouth and Ocean Counties without you. Together, we’re working harder and smarter than ever so hunger won’t win here.