Fulfilling A Dream With The VITA Program

Did you know Fulfill files? Fulfill offers tax refund services through the VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program, including tax preparation to those eligible in our community. This is Fulfill’s seventh year providing the free service. Last season, Fulfill assisted about 4,300 households, resulting in over $7 million in tax refunds.  One client in particular was able to fulfill his dreams, by fishing school with the help of Fulfill’s Free Tax Preparation Program.

Shyquan Williams, a full-time student, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Marketing, was simultaneously working a part-time job to financially support himself and his younger brother. Unfortunately, his lack of financial resources hindered his academic success, as overdue balances prevented him from completing the rest of his classes. In addition to his financial limitations and concerns with school, he also fell behind in filing his taxes. His dream of graduating college came to a halt, but he didn’t give up. He contacted the VITA team, and met with a Fulfill tax preparer, who was able to complete his returns from the past two years. Through the process, he learned he was eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) because of the support he provided to his brother. The door to completing his education had reopened, as the combined refunds exceeded $6,000. Shyquan has since expressed his gratitude to the volunteers and staff at Fulfill, who helped him move forward and achieve a dream he had been working towards for years.

Shyquan Williams is one of many working individuals whom we have helped accomplish goals through our program. We look forward to assisting individuals in our community by giving them the opportunity to file their taxes for free and receiving possible refunds, Earned Income Tax Credits and other tax credits.